IR sensor not responding

I’ve assembled the Bioloid Puppy (Premium Kit) and installed the R+ Task and Motion. All the servos are identified and working, but the sensor won’t respond to my hand movement in front of it so the puppy won’t play! I’ve changed the cable and the sensor (the kit came with 2) but it makes no difference. I don’t know how to test it or whether there is an LED that shows that its working. Any ideas anyone?

Did you connect it to the right input port?

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Thank you - and no - I hadn’t connected it to the correct port (as the diagram was upside down which I’d failed to spot!).
I now have the sensor working.
Then holding ‘D’ whilst pressing ‘Start’ makes the robot dog stand erect with all its 4 legs straight.
However, pressing the ‘Start’ button after ‘Play’ produces a collapse and an uncoordinated series of violent actions resulting in the ‘legs’ contorting, which has stripped some of the cables bare.
When these movements stop the dog is lying on its side.
Propping it up and clapping makes the robot keel over on its side and scrape its legs together again.
I’ve checked all the servo positions, cable connections and assembled steps very carefully and all are correct.
The last robot that the controller was used for was the Humanoid Type A.
Could it be that its programme is still in operation (though I have since installed R+ Task and Motion v. 2)?
Thanks - Rod L.

I think I’ve solved it …
I originally loaded the R+Task and Motion v. 2.0 into the CM 530 controller as I only have a Mac computer.
Since then I’ve purchased Parallels for Mac and loaded v 1.0 using Windows 10 (that I installed the original Roboplus Manager with).
I believe it may now hopefully be working OK …