Is the CM 700 product discontinued?

is the cm 700 product discontinued? and alternative i can use for mx 28 servo?

The CM700 has been discontinued.

I would recommend either the OpenRB-150 or OpenCR-1.0, depending on how powerful you need your controller to be. In order to use these controllers with your MX-28 you will also require a Convertible Cable, as these controllers utilize our newer JST connectors.

If you are using the TTL version, you still can use the CM-530, if you are staying with TASK and MOTION or Embedded C.

and the mx 28 servo product discontinued?

The MX-28 has not yet been discontinued, but I would recommend transitioning to our newer XM series of servos. The XM430-W352-T is a similarly costed replacement with enhanced capabilities and performance.