Is the Open CM 9.04 product discontinued?

is the open cm 9.04 product discontinued? and if its true, what alternative i can use for XL-320 servo??

or u guys have the list of product that have been discontinued from robotis?

The OpenCM9.04 has been discontinued by ROBOTIS, as well as the XL320.

I would recommend looking into the OpenRB-150 Starter Kit, as that includes both the OpenRB microcontroller, and the XL330 servos that have replaced the OpenCM and XL320.

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As the XL-320 is discontinued, can ROBOTIS include the XL-320’s horn with the XL-330, so that users can use existing wheel parts with the XL-330s? Assuming that there are spare XL-320’s horn parts at ROBOTIS, of course.


If you already have the XL-320s, you can use this XL320 convertible cable to connect the XL320s to the OpenRB-150 or the DXL MKR Shield for use with other Arduino controllers. Of course, this is a popular item now.

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