Is there any way to communicate between CM-530 and Arduino Uno?

Is there a possible way to communicate between Arduino Uno and CM-530? I was planning on using Arduino Uno to have the robot be able to connect to 2 bluetooth devices at once, one to receive data from my phone, and one to transmit data to another robot connected with a bluetooth module.

Or is there any alternative way to get around this problem? Thanks.

Hello @Infinicus and thank you for your question! Allow me to provide some information that sould be of assistance and tag some other members for further advice. @roboteer and @Yogurt_Man have some good experience with these controllers.

For the CM-530, it will likely be somewhat tricky as the CM-530 is designed to interface with ROBOTIS’ closed-source proprietary softwares. If you are willing and able to rewrite firmware for the controller at a low level, you may be able to use Embedded C SDK

If you can fit your data within a 16-bit message, then you can use the Remocon packet protocol (RC-100A/100B). The CM-530 TASK program can receive and decode this type of packet. So you don’t have to modify its firmware.

This video has a glimpse at how the 6-byte array is defined in Python. A similar job can be done in C/C++.

If you attach Dynamixel shield ( to Arduino Uno, you can use the same UART port as CM-530.

CM-530 and UNO can communicate by attaching the paired BT-210 set or BT-410 set to this UART port.
The communication protocol is as guided by @roboteer.
You use RC-100 library with Dynamixel shield (UNO).

Thanks for the answer, everyone. It really helped me. I’ll let you guys know if my project succeeds or not. Thanks!