Is there anyway to know the position of AX-12W in the Wheel Mode

Hello everyone, I don’t know if I could read the position of AX-12W in the Wheel Mode. For example, I set the AX-12W run in the Wheel Mode and when it goes to the target position, it will stop and change the direction.

Because if I set in the Joint Mode, I can’t receive enough speed from my AX-12W.

Maybe it is impossible since the potentiometer in AX-12W just only reads from 0 degree to 300 degree (0-1023) but I still wanna know is there anyway to read the position of AX-12W in the Wheel Mode.

Thank you for your all reply.

For the AX series you can always read the Present Position, regardless whether you are in Velocity or Position Control mode. But the problem is that there is a “unknown” zone of 60 degrees where the Present Position parameter would have meaningless values.

If you want Present Position for all 360 degrees you have to use the newer XL-430 or XL-330 - any servo motor that uses a magnetic position encoder. The older actuator such as AX-12 uses a ring of graphite as position encoder and this ring can only cover 300 deg.

BTW. Can you tell more about your application? Maybe you should have used AX-12A or AX-18 for Position Control type of application.

I’m currently making a robot and when I had calculated and found a servo for it, I chose AX-12W because that servo could respond most of my requirement. But after I had bought it, I realized that it has 2 operating mode. Now I need controlling a position but with very high speed ( ~200 rev/min) , so I’m finding a way to get that.

This is my first time with Dynamixel, that’s why I got a problem in choosing a servo.

Thanks for your reply.

Only the XL-330s can spin at such rpm but they are small and have weaker torque