Issue with Python Editor in TASK V.3.1.6

I am using TASK V.3.1.6 on a CM-550, and the Python Editor edits, downloads and runs my own Python codes fine. But there is a small bug as somehow the TASK code captured my keyboard usage at run time (because I am using the Virtual RC-100 to move the robot around) and then inserted those key strokes back into my current Python source code.
The first picture below shows the Python Editing screen before I downloaded and ran my code:

After downloading this code, I used F3 to get to the Output Monitor screen, and I could use the Virtual RC-100 to move the robot around fine. But when I came back to the Editing screen, I could see that TASK captured those key stokes and inserted them into my source code (see the top left corner of the Editing screen in the picture below):

It is not a big deal, but something to fix in the next software maintenance round.

Thank you.