Lipo Battery suggested for 4 DYNAMIXEL XM430-W350 R

Hi everyone. I’m new in Robotis and Dynamixel motors. I have to build a robot with 4 Dynamixel XM430-W350 R (RS 485) , controlled by Raspberry pi. Which battery do you suggest?

I have seen this Battery but it has a small Discharge Rate (5C).

Higher discharge LiPo are available for drones and RC hobbies such as this one:

However, you can see from the product’s description that you will need to change out or convert out the battery connectors to fit your needs.

They are “bigger” and “heavier” too, so you’ll need to plan for those aspects also.

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If you do the math 5C at 1800mah (1.8ah) then you get 5 x 1.8 = 9amps at 11.1v max discharge so max just over 2amps per motor.

Most batteries don’t like being used at close to max discharge rate.

I usually use hobby RC batteries usually something like a 20c or 30c as they are cheaper than really high C rated batteries and really high C rated batteries are not needed for these robotics.