Master-Slave between two OpenCR with two esp8266-01 and two dynamixel mx64at each one

Hi, I m interested to understand how I can build an MS system between two openCR with 2 dynamixel mx64AT each one.
My desire is that when a dynamixel moves manually the other one replicates in real-time the same motions. The final result shall be position feedback.
I m freaking out for more than 1 week and the only thing that I was able to do is to connect (without any adapter) the esp8266-01 to the OpenCR and connect it to a router. I tried more tests to see if I can do more but nothing was done.
what I have is:

  • a pc
  • 2 (esp826601<—OpenCR1.0—>dynamixelmx64AT).
    I really really appreciate a code to create that master-slave system because I don’t find any particular library. All that I found on internet is about arduino uno.

Thank you so much for any response.

PS: I use arduino ide to program.
PS: Tell me also if I have to change the board or the wifi module ( and for sure explain me please the code for that if it’s possible)

Hello @DjangoTango, thank you for your post and welcome to our Community Page! I can share some information which should be of assistance:

To create a basic master-slave application, this can be accomplished by using example code to read the position of an idle DYNAMIXEL with Torque Enable turned off. In this state, the DYNAMIXEL can communicate but will not resist movements to its output horn (aside from resistance of the gears).

For MX-64, the Present Position can be read from firmware address 63: Present Position
After reading this value from your “master” DYNAMIXEL, you can take the data and write it to the “Goal Position” firmware address of the “slave” DYNAMIXEL.

Unfortunately I do not believe there is a specific example code which shows a master-slave example running only on the OpenCR1.0- however I can share some related example videos here:

This video shows a master-slave example using the ROBOTIS OpenManipulator running ROS:

Here’s another video from a user showing a similar master-slave example using older DYNAMIXEL RX models:

As I do not have experience with the ESP8266, allow me to ping some of our other members who may be able to provide further information to elaborate on this.

@Yogurt_Man, @Tech_Support, is there any additional guidance you can provide regarding the ESP8266 and master-slave examples for MX-series?

Thank you so much. I saw your material and it’s very interisting. So thank you for the reply.
By the way I need no to use ROS but continuing with arduino sketch. My desire is to command all of them at distance. There has no to be any phisics connections (there has to be a wifi linkness).
Further more i used a code to read the positions but I don’t find out to see the angle position in real time. For sure Wizard could be the reply indeed the most important stuff is to create the wifi communication, using also wizard but i really don’t know.
Thank you.

please can you have a read of what I posted? maybe it’s more clear how I worked on it

Hi @DjangoTango, thanks for creating the separate topic to organize your post- it’s really helpful for users trying to find solutions.
As I’m not very experienced with wireless control between development boards I’ve tagged some of our page member with more relevant experience to help out!
Let me know if I can help with anything more here!