Missing Bootloader on the OpenRC board

  1. What model of TurtleBot3 are you using?
    ~ Turtlebot3 Waffle Pi raspberry pi 4

  2. Describe your control environment. This includes the PC you are using to control TurtleBot3 (operating system & version) and any power source.
    ~ I have Ubuntu 20.04 on the remote pc and I have ros-foxy on both the Pi and the remote PC.

  3. Describe any modifications or third-party hardware in use.
    ~ No modifications made to it. Followed the Turtlebot3 quick start guide to the best of my knowledge.

  4. Include pictures if possible.
    ~ No picture available as I am away from the robot at this time, but I can visually describe the process. I power on the robot using the standard battery provided in the turtlebot kit. It lights up like it normally would, but the status light is not on, and the arduino light is blinking on the openRC board. The raspberry pi boots just fine, and I can SSH in easily. Any attempt to telecommunicate with the robot doesn’t work (shows change in speed but robot stays still. I hold SW2 on the openRC board then pressing the reset button to get a blinking status light.

  5. Include a full description of the issue.
    ~ Hello, I built the turtlebot3 waffle pi robot and got it to the point where it was fully built and the raspberry pi can do robot launch and open a telecommunication channel, such as the keyboard example provided. The only problem is that while it shows connections with the user lights changing from blinking to orange and green, but the robot itself will not move. From here I realized I did not initialize, I believe that is the term, the Dynamixel motors on it so I do the test on the openRC board to make sure the board is okay. I hold SW2 on the openRC board then pressing the reset button to get a blinking status light. From research it appears the bootloader is missing or corrupt in some way so I open the documentation to build the bootloader. It links to a file in XML format, but that file does not exist anymore, It shows what appears to be the incomplete version of it with what was the completed version on github returning 404. I found a few variations of the file getting dropped on forum boards, but they appear editing or custom made as it does not work when trying to use it with the script provided on the website. Any help so I can get this driving for a research project would be greatly appreciated, and even if a solution can not be offered any knowledge on even if I am going the right way would be appreciated.

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Hi @dwalker

I’m sorry about the delayed response.
It seems you didn’t upload the TurtleBot3 firmware on the OpenCR.
Please follow the instruction in the eManual, especially the OpenCR Setup section in the below.
Make sure to select your ROS version at the top of the page.