Motion file format

I have been very busy at work and another project but I want to get back to my Robotis humanoid robot project.

I want to create motion files for the CM-550 but not by using R-Motion. I want to create some motion files by 2 possible other methods
1. by mathematically calculating the the inverse kinematics
2. by using computer vision to detect real world motion

I think that I am starting to solve the depth perception problem that I had from using a single 2d camera feed by using 2 separate cameras 90 degrees apart see

I should be able to create some very smooth life like motions from the camera feed. I want to be able to save these motions into a motion file that can be downloaded on to the CM-550 and played by the CM-550 from micropython

Is the format of the motion files publicly available??

Hi @Out_of_the_BOTS

A custom motion file sounds interesting.
I’m not quite sure whether the CM controllers use similar motion file to that of ROS based humanoids such as OP3 in the link below, but I’ll see if I can get more details about the file structure.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear from the developers.
Have a wonderful week!
Thank you.