Motor Overload Error

I am using the XM430 - W350 -T Dynamixel motor with the OpenCR board . I currently have no load on the motor and am using the Dynamixel wizard to troubleshoot. I have tried in velocity and position mode to get the motor to work and the motor is in a pattern of running for a second, turning off and sending an overload error, and then not running again at all until I let it sit unplugged for a bit. The motor has no load and its gears are working correctly.

The motor was working perfectly before and now isn’t working at all. Please help

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Very strange that Overload flag is triggered with No-load status.

Overload Error can be triggered when the current (Torque simply saying) is sensed at over its spec.

Make sure that there is any current flows thorough the DC motor (inside housing) from metal housing by accident. In other words, Static electricity or something unwanted current may cause an issue. (Not guarantee in your case)

Or another possible reason, the gear teethes are worn enough and wide the backlash between them which may generate some stress. In this case, goosy noise might be heard.

Additionally, checkout the horn and make sure you are using proper length of wrench bolt. Otherwise, this will stress the DYNAMIXEL if it’s longer than 6mm.

  • Trust Washer should be properly aligned as well.


If everything does not give solution. The product should be sent.