Motor overrun errors

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    3 - MX-28 AT (2.0) motors connected in a daisy chain.

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    U2D2 controller, Windows 10 OS, SMPS 12 volts by Dynamixel

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    I used sync-readwrite code and tweaked it according to my requirement. I will attach a snippet of my code here. The issue is my motors are working fine when I am running the default code whereas when I run my code, one of the motors is showing a lag in the movement.

Following are the equations to control the motors :

alpha = 90/(2tanh(2.7)) * tanh(2.7sin(2pift)); % For motor 1
phi = -140/(2
asin(0.8)) * asin(0.8* cos(2pif*t)) ; % For motor 2 ,3

    q1 =  alpha(1,n)/0.0879 ;
    Q(1,n) = q1 ;
    m_pos(1) = p1 + Q(1,n);

    q1 =  phi(1,n)/0.0879 ;
    Q(2,n) = q1 ;
    m_pos(2) = p2 + Q(2,n);

    q3 = phi(1,n)/0.0879 ;
    Q(3,n) = q3 ;
    m_pos(3) = p3 + Q(3,n);

In this code as shown , motor 1 moves at the end even after other 2 motors came to rest. I am unable to figure out why ?

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Based on the context, seems that provided SyncRead / Write example is updaiting the position of multiple DYNAMIXEL properly.

As you may know, the feature of Sync Read/Write is to send datas at a time for multiple DYNAMIXEL by packing data. Therefore, If you see the lag of the motor, checkout a code of Sync Instruction packet establishment part. You might pack the data wrongly order or sending data in strange timing.

Reference: Motors generate different motions with same data - #2 by Yogurt_Man

Thank you for the response.
Sorry I said lag in the motor 1 but it is actually crossing the goal position during the last cycle.
Lets say I gave a goal position of A*sin(wt) in a loop then during the last cycle it doesn’t reach its goal position but overshoots and reaches a position higher than the final value.