Multiple Serial Port on OpenRB150

Hi, I am currently using OpenRB150 to control actuators and sensor data reading.
I noticed that either the sensor data reading or the RC100 works well. But when configuring both of them, it always failed.
I realized this is resulted by configuring multiple serial ports in Arduino sketch.

Just wondering in this case, how should I configure both the sensor and RC100 simultaneously?

The code for RC100 setup:

The code for sensor setup:
Serial.println(“MPRLS Simple Test”);
if (! mpr.begin()) {
Serial.println(“Failed to communicate with MPRLS sensor, check wiring?”);
while (1) {
Serial.println(“Found MPRLS sensor”);

Serial() points to the USB Port on the OpenRB-150, meaning the Serial Monitor tool on your Arduino IDE. And it looks like that first you set Serial() to 57600 bps, then later you change it to 115200 bps >> this is the problem: you need to choose only one baud rate for the Serial Monitor.

Controller.begin(2) means that you are using Serial2 for your RC-100 Controller, this got nothing to do with Serial(). ROBOTIS restricts all their BT-210/410 to 57.6 Kbps.

For more details, see following post: