MX-28AT motors slowing down

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  1. State the model of servo you are using.
    MX-28 AT protocol 1.0

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    MX-28AT motors -3

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    U2D2 controller , HP-i5 and Windows-10 , SMPG Source(by Robotis) MATLAB AND SIMULINK.

  4. Specify the operating mode you are using, for applicable models.
    Joint mode.

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    I have used Dynamixel SDK files for MATLAB
    When I didn’t succeed I used third party libraries in Simulink

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    My issue- am working using position control on my Dynamixel in MATLAB (2021b).
    Let’s say I am moving from 2000 → 2512 using a cosine (trajectory) function.
    I gave a loop where initially 50 points were generated from 2000-2512. When I increase the number of intermediate points to 100 , the motors slow down i.e., the same 2000 → 2512 takes more time than earlier.
    So my point is, even though I increase intermediate steps (keeping in mind the resolution of the motors 0.0879 deg) I should finish the motion within the same time as in the case of less intermediate steps. How can I get this? Where I am going wrong?

I tried using sync write as well but with each servo an additional 10 sec delay was being added to finish the given motion. How to overcome these issues?