MX-64 velocity profile time-t1

Hi, when I read the MX-64 velocity profile, I found a velocity profile formular with velocity-based. t1=64*profile velocity/profile acc, I dont understand about 64, what is it? a time unit transfer?
also in this formular, t1 is time unit or a unit about how many times of cpu ran.

also could you help me explain what is difference between velocity-based and time-based
what I undersand is for time-based , t1 t2 t3 is fixed, we calculate acc and velocity, but in formular , it doesnt look like this!

thanks !


  1. 64 is a fixed constant used in the calculation for determining the profile timesteps, in order to better constrain the output values. I’m not 100% sure about why that particular number was chosen though.
  2. Times are specified in Milliseconds
  3. In velocity based modes the total time taken by the entire movement is determined based on your acceleration and velocity settings, so each movement step might take a different amount of time depending on the specified motion. In time based mode the time duration of the profile is specified by your settings, so each movement will take the same amount of time and the acceleration and velocity will be calculated to meet that time constraint.

thanks Jonathon , but why for timebased formular t1=profile acc, t3=profile vel, I dont understand these formular.