MX430-W350-T oscillates


My servo is oscillating slighthly when I excpect it to be still.
I thought is was porly calibrated so I have just run the calibration procedure but it still oscillates.
Any suggestions on what to do?

I’m using a MX430-W350-T controlled by a PC (Win 10), U2D2 Power hub board and a U2D2_INT board. The servo is set to operation mode 5.

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Hello @peter.svensson, thank you for your post. Can you share more information about how exactly it is oscillating? Would it be possible to share a short video?

What are the current PID gains that have been set to the servo? Generally, oscillating position in my experience suggests suboptimal PID tuning values are in use. This video on tuning PID gains from the ROBOTIS CS YouTube channel may be useful for your reference:

Let me know if you can share video to better depict this issue and I will look forward to your response.

Thank you.
I will try the sugested settings from the video.
Have a nice day