My computer does not recognize the motors

I have a problem using the dinamixel wizard 2.0 software in windows 10, when connecting them it does not recognize the motors, so I don’t know if I have to install any driver for my computer to detect the usb port, if so, could you tell me which driver it is? ?.
Investigating a bit I got something from USB2DYNAMIXEL and DYNAMIXEL SDK but as such I have not found any driver that helps the computer detect the motors, the motors are connected to a module, since there are 3 in series for a robotic arm

Assuming that you are using U2D2 with Dxl Wizard 2, then usually it may be an issue of the baud rate not matching between Dxl Wizard and the DXLs themselves. Have you tried to let Dxl Wizard to scan all possible baud rates?
Also try to scan the DXLs one by one to avoid the issue of default ID being 1 on all of them (factory default setting).

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