My latest Robot sighting from around the world!


JINKI type Zero Robot from Japan

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Gundam Factory Yohohama, Japan. Is this a robot?

Hi @moverstreet007,

Thanks for sharing these awesome videos! The JINKI type zero is a very interesting demonstration- I wonder what style of actuators are used for the arms? The three-finger grippers did a pretty good job manipulating the pool noodle too.

As for the Gundam, I think it’s a good question to consider whether it’s a “true” robot in the sense that it autonomously interacts with its environment. I think because it is most likely piloted it’s closer to an example of a robotic art / animatronic attraction, just at an extreme scale. Either way, it’s one of my favorite videos to show to friends!

Thanks again for sharing these!

Robot dogs are getting a lot of attention lately! This is a under 10,000 US robot by Unitree!

This is a great example of the uncanny valley for me!

Very cool! It looks like that there is an operator using a VR head set in that cage in the back left side. Still that is very quick and “subtle” responses to a teleoperator commands.

Pepper Parlor / Robot Cafe

Restocking robot from Japan.

Still one of my favorite robots!

Too much fun!

Robot tractor!