My Servo Dynamixel 12-A cant Move

Reload your usb_to_Dynamixel sketch to see if that helps.
It looks like that yours AX-12 is messed up badly. Choose protocol 1 and ALL baud rates to see if you can scan anything and try to recover firmware this way too. When it asks you to power off/on the actuator, unplug/plug the cable at the AX-12 connector.
Also you can only do Firmware Recovery to only ONE actuator at any one time and it’s new ID will be always 1. In your video you had two ax-12s hooked up in daisy chain. Furthermore you need to check if the firmware used is the correct one for the ax-12.

Yeah i think the problem is the one of dynamixel ax cant run and scan with basic program from dynamixel2arduino, and now i had buy one ax12
Thank you very much for your assistance; now I understand and the new servo i can change id. You are very kind. I hope you are always in good health and find ease in all your affairs.

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