Newly purchased RPI 3B+ wont boot from older image

I purchased a raspberry Pi 3B+ to replace a board that had failed in a Turtlebot3.
I downloaded the tb3_rpi3b+_kinetic_20220513.img and used the Raspberry Pi Imager to copy to an SMD.

After the SMD was inserted, RPI did not boot, and I got 4 long flashes and 7 short flashes, indicating a problem with the img.

I checked by inserting the SMD into another older Turtlebot3 and it booted fine.

Using Raspberry Pi imager I downloaded Raspian to an SMD and it boots in the newer RPI fine.

My conclusion is that the software on the robotis website is perhaps not up to date as per
this link Newly purchased RPI 3B+ wont boot from older image - Raspberry Pi Forums

has anyone else seen the problem and have a solution for it?

many thanks

The easiest way to get your TB3 up and running would be to install the TB3 image to your SD card and boot using the older TurtleBot3 then perform an update to the latest available version of everything.

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

Alternatively, you can use the ROBOTIS installation scripts to install the required ROS environment for the TurtleBot on a new installation of Raspbian.

I downloaded the ROS noetic image for 3B+ and did a update/upgrade as suggested. The resulting SMD can indeed be read by the new board. I am testing it now to make sure all functionality still works. Thank you for your good advice!