NRF24 radio control and Arduino Uno

  1. What model(s) of servo are you using?


  1. Describe your control environment.

Jetson Jetson nano, arduino IDE, dynamixel shield

  1. For programming posts, state any libraries or example code you are using.
    DynamixelShield, SPI, Radiohead.

Hello again. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I am back with another question.

This time I am trying to receive joystick input over radio. I am able to receive and map the values from the remote. The issue is that with the NRF24 connected the motors wont turn. Even if I replace the velocity variable with a number.



Will only spin if the NRF24 is disconnected from power.

Here is a link to some information.

I have it connected like this.
5V-----------VCC (3.3V to 7V in)
pin D8-----------CE (chip enable in)
SS pin D10----------CSN (chip select in)
SCK pin D13----------SCK (SPI clock in)
MOSI pin D11----------SDI (SPI Data in)
MISO pin D12----------SDO (SPI data out)
IRQ (Interrupt output, not connected)
GND----------GND (ground in)

Is this a serial communication problem? If so, can anyone recommend an arduino that will work? Maybe a mega?

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I’m sorry for the late reply on this.
I think it is because of the D8 pin(Chip enable) which is assigned for software serial of the DYNAMIXEL Shield.
Other than that, I don’t see any other pin conflict.