Old but gold. CM-5 SDK

Hello community, i am searching for CM-5 SDK download. (Not CM-510).
Any hints or advices.
Thanks in advance.

The CM-5 SDK only came with the Bioloid Expert Kit which had to be purchased around 3500$ in 2008-2009. The CM-5 SDK has never been released in the public domain. The Bioloid Expert kit was discontinued a long time ago.

The link below describes this Expert Kit in case you are curious about it.

E-bay from Singapore sells a used Expert Kit for US $2000 or so

I use a Bioloid Comprehensive Kit.
Unfortunately i admit CM-5 is a one-way street.
Any Recommendation for an newer Robotis controller to use in Bioloid Comprehensive Kit?

I would suggest using the CM-530. You’ll have to figure out a way to attach it to your older robot. I like Dual-Lock tape.

You may want to review my older post about possibly using the CM-530 with RPi.

I ordered a new CM-530 and have to wait for it.
How can i connect CM-530 wired to RPi or Jetson nano? USB mini ↔ USB-A?
Is a LN-101absolutly necessary as i it is nowhere availible.
Do i find example Code in your Vol. 2 Book?

The CM-530’s firmware allows it to communicate to another controller such as the RPi via its UART 4-pins port. So for a WIRED option you can use the LN-101 and for a BT option you can use BT-410 or BT-210. I made a YouTube video for BT-410 on the CM-530 talking to an RPi4B via this UART Port at this link. In that video, I mentioned that a plain USB-A to Mini cable would work also.

By Vol 2, I think that you meant the 2 volumes that I wrote for the Engineer kit? This kit comes with the CM-550 which can do TASK and Micro Python programming. So only the TASK examples would be relevant to your projects with the CM-530. However you have to watch out for TASK commands that are specific to the CM-550 only. You can expect to do a fair amount of TASK code adaptation to make those CM-550 examples to work on a CM-530. But the communication concepts described in Vol. 2 are very much applicable to the CM-530 and the RPi/Jetson Nano. Inside Vol. 2 are specific instructions for getting the example source codes via email.

BTW. Vol. 2 also shows the option to control actuators via the RPi/Jetson directly using the U2D2 and the Dynamixel SDK - ie no need for CM-530/550.

@Jobot Do you know your way with GPIO interfacing on the RPi? If you do, there may be a way to interface the 4-pin Comm Port on the CM-530 to the UART Port of the RPi directly using this so-called wireless cable from Robotis


The bigger connector will fit the Comm Port on the CM-530. The smaller connector will need to be cut off. Then the 4 thin wires need to be separated out and interfaced with DuPont connectors into the UART port on the RPi GPIO header. So this requires some hacking skills.

Furthermore I have not actually tried this approach yet myself so I can’t be certain if this approach will work for sure or not! :pray: