Online store for Dynamixel controller

I have used OpenCM9.04 for my project in Germany. I just try to find buy some more OpenCM9.04, but it is really hard to find in online. Could you let me know where can I buy it in German online stores?

Hello hyungyu8066,

Unfortunately the OpenCM9.04 has been discontinued, so that may be why it’s become difficult to find online.

I would suggest considering the OpenRB-150 as an upgraded replacement controller for your robot.

Hello Jonathon,

Then, I have to change commutation method from UART to I2C because there is one less UART connection in OpenRB-150 than OpenCM 9.04. So, I have questions.

  1. What is the DRDY in the OpenRB-150?


In the above picture, I can understand all the connections except the DRDY pin. Is it just a normal digital pin?

  1. Also, the other question is what is the voltage level of the digital signal pin? is it 3.3V which is the same with the Open CM 9.04?

The DRDY is a Data Ready signal line for the I2C bus that allows signaling that data is ready to be sent or received.

It’s not absolutely necssicary for I2C communications, but leaving it unconnected may require you to leave a few ms of buffer time before and after I2C reads.