OP3-like project, using Pi4 instead of NUC. I'm confused over what needs to be a hidden wifi hotspot

Hi there,
I am creating an OP3-like biped (26 DOF instead of 20, but the first 20 are identical).
I have a raspberry pi4 instead of a NUC connected to an OpenCR.
I have all the OP3 code in my workspace and catkin_make successfully.
I’ve actually, successfully roslaunched the op3_bringup among other programs/packages.
So, I read in Robotis OP3 emanual at sections and
Connect to ROBOTIS-OP3 over the network.

Connection Type

  • Via Wireless(WLAN)
    IP address will be automatically assigned when connecting to ROBOTIS-OP3-Share.
    After establishing Wi-Fi connection, use one of the connection methods described in the next section. ( password : 111111 )

How to connect

  • SSH
    1. Execute SSH client program (ex: PuTTY)
    2. Input ROBOTIS-OP3’s IP address :
    3. Select SSH as a connection type and then open it.
    4. Input ROBOTIS-OP3’s user name : robotis
    5. Input ROBOTIS-OP3’s password : 111111

So, I’m trying to understand exactly what they are saying.
Are they saying the NUC (in my case, the pi4) is the wifi hotspot and called ROBOTIS-OP3-Share?
I have a remote PC which is a Windows 10 and I have putty and have already been able to SSH into the pi4.
So, the Windows PC, using putty should SSH into a hidden network called ROBOTIS-OP3-Share (which is the pi4)?
Is my thinking correct?

It appears the Robotis NUC has a specific address:
Must I also add that specific address of to my pi4 as the address for the OP3 code to work? Because at this time, the pi4 definitely has a different address.
Any guidance or help or setting me straight is very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

Hi @Smitty, thanks for your question and welcome to the page! It’s great to hear you’re working on a custom robot based on the OP3 platform- do you have any plans to post videos or documentation online? It would be great if you could consider sharing to our Project Showcase category when you’ve finished!

To assist further with these questions, allow me to tag a few of our members with more experience with the platform- @Yogurt_Man and @willson. Let me know if there’s anything I can assist with in the meantime!

hi @Smitty

The OP3 runs as a standalone system, and the NUC offers a wifi just to connect and operate OP3 remotely.

Your RPi4 doesn’t have to have a specific IP address, but you might need to modify the IP address in the source if you are trying to use web setting tool.

Ah HA! That’s it!
As always Willson, thank you!!
That’s the ticket!

Andrew, if I get it to a point where it is worthy…lol…not there yet.
But I will certainly share when that happens.