Open CR Question

I wanna ask about OpenCR product

  1. What is the maximum current that can be generated by OpenCR for TTL pinout?

  2. I wanna connect 18 AX-18A servos to make a hexapod robot. Can the OpenCR provide the current that is needed for 18 AX18A servo? I use battery Zeee 3s 7200mAh 80 C that directly connected to OpenCR

The OpenCR can supply a maximum of 4.5A through the DYNAMIXEL ports, as shown on the datasheet. The OpenCR won’t be able to safely supply enough power for 18 AX-18A servos, especially if they will be operating in heavy usage conditions. You will need to add in additional input power supplies in order to reliably drive all those actuators.


You would need to keep the Power Circuit of the DXLs separate from the Control Circuit of the same DXLs (which is via the OpenCR). You can try to use the Zees 80C battery just to power the DXLs, but don’t daisy-chain them more than 4 DXLs per chain. Then another smaller LiPo battery just to run the OpenCR and other peripherals.

You are going to find these 3P Hub handy.

These 2 posts got some ideas for you to consider/adapt for your needs: