OpenCM 9.04C Alternative Replacement

I am using Dynamixel MX64AR(RS485 4P) interfacing with the OpenCM 9.04C and OpenCM exp485 and the power supply. However, I just noticed that the openCM 9.04C is not available everywhere when I would like to order one to replace the damaged one.
Please can I ask if are there any alternative ways to control the MX64AR? I have many code functions developed based on the Dynamixial2Aruino library and don’t want to make many changes.
Is it possible that if I am using OpenRB 150 with Dynamixel Communication Bridge? Do I need to change something in this case?

OpenRB-150 + dxl Comm Bridge should work fine for your needs.
The D2A library should work fine with OpenRB-150. If you go to Amazon and search for my “Using Arduino with Robotis Systems” book, the free Kindle sample has more details about handling hardware for OpenRB-150 which is different from OpenCM-904.
Currently, one thing to watch out for the OpenRB-150 is that there are recent posts about this board getting “warm” quickly. So keep an eye on this issue.

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Many thanks for your reply. I still have some questions:

  1. Is Open RB 150 aimed to replace the OpenCM controller as the latter is not available everywhere?
  2. Is Open RB 150 designed to connect with any extension board? (I asked this because it has similar long pin configurations as the OpenCM controller)

@Jonathon is in a better position to let you know whether the OpenCM 904 is discontinued or not.

The OpenRB-150 is “self-sufficient”, so it does not need any Dynamixel Shield to interface with DXLs and various Arduino sensors. You can think of it as being a combination of a subset of features available on the MKR Zero and the MKR DXL shield. The RB-150 has the same SAMD21 controller as the MKR Zero.

The long pins are just there if you want to mount the RB150 on your own PCB or other Arduino MKR shields. On some of my applications I just clipped them shorter as needed.

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  1. The OpenRB-150 is intended to be a replacement for the OpenCM, which has now been discontinued.
  2. As roboteer said, the OpenRB-150 is a standalone microcontroller that does not require any extension boards for use with DYNAMIXELs, but is compatible with MKR format Arduino shields.
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