OpenCR 1.0 cmd_read_board_name fail : 0xF020

Equipment model: openCR 1.0

Phenomenon: There is a COM port and it can also be set to DFU mode, but an error is reported during the program download period. (The last time the program content was uploaded, the Arduino light of openCR should flash once in 500ms (it should turn on and off once in 1s), and the USER3 light should turn on red.).
Referring to this repair article:


  1. You can enter repair mode (press and hold the PUSH SW2 button; press the Reset button;Release the Reset button; Release the PUSH SW2 button.

  2. The error is still reported. After completing the upload, the status indicator light quickly flashes at a frequency of 100ms (as if entering repair mode), and the control board is unable to complete the download.

  3. Attempted to repair on Linux (Ubuntu) system and Windows, but failed to complete the download, and the motherboard remained in a flashing state.

  4. It is possible to burn bootloader, but there seems to be a warning appearing:

Dfu util: Invalid DFU suffix signature

Dfu util: A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu util release!!!


After a new bootloader has been uploaded, if your OpenCR unit is operating as expected you can continue to use it as normal.

The error you mentioned after uploading the bootloader

Is a warning message that can safely be ignored.

Yes, the bootloader can be downloaded normally, but unfortunately, the program did not run as expected. When uploading the program, the interface always got stuck in MD_ Read_ Board_ Name failed: 0xF020, the status indicator light is always flashing, and according to the official repair provided, the repair cannot be completed.

I’m having the same problem.That’s why I don’t want to open a new topic.
-I am using OpenCR1.0 board.
-I use Arduino IDE to program the board.
-OS windows 10.
While the board was working fine before, now it is no longer loading the code. I think the problem is programmatic. But I don’t know where the problem is.
This way it stays in place.
After a certain period of time, I get the error “Failed to connect to the port”.

Extra information (I don’t know if it’s important): Even though my OpenCR card is plugged into the computer, OpenCR examples do not appear for the Arduino examples.

If anyone has an idea about this, please help.