OpenCR 1.0 IMU configuration

I would like to change the register of the IMU in openCR 1.0 board. Currently, the accelerometer is set to 8g and gyroscope is set to ±2000 deg/sec. I need to set those values to 2g and ±250deg/sec.

I have gone through the MPU9250 cpp file and got the implemented values.

Kindly inform me how it can be done.

Thanks a lot

Hi @Sarwan
You’ll need to modify the below IMU source code in order to do that.
Please refer to Gyroscope Configuration and Accelerometer Configuration sections of MPU-9250 datasheet.

The Accelerometer is already set to 2G in the line 124.

Please note that recent OpenCR comes with ICM-20648 instead of MPU-9250 due to the EOL of the sensor.

Thanks a lot. I would like to read PPM signals from a receiver.

For this purpose I used the above-mentioned library in Arduino Uno.

I am new to programming. Could you please inform me , how to use the library for openCR board.

Kindly suggest to me a learning resource to do it , if it requires too many changes.


Looks like the developer has left a detailed instruction on how to use the library.
Download the library and copy it into the Arduino library directory, then append the #include <PPMReader.h> in the beginning of your code to use the PPM-reader.

If you are using Windows, Arduino library directory can be found from C:\users\<YOUR_ACCOUNT>\Documents\Arduino\libraries