OpenCR firmware for ROS2 compatible with discontinued accelerometer

My Turtlebot3 is from 2017, so would have the accelerometer.
I am switching to ROS2 Foxy, and am wondering if the new firmware for ROS2 is compatible with my older hardware?
Or is my old firmware compatible with ROS2?

Hello @Meldor thanks for your question! It brings up a good question regarding the OpenCR1.0 firmware. Unfortunately the firmware / ROS details are not my area of expertise, but I think @willson or @Yogurt_Man should be able to provide more information.

As it’s related to the updated resources for ROS, there may also be some related content at

Hi @Meldor
The IMU will be automatically selected by the IMU driver in OpenCR library as shown below.
Thank you.

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Thank you. That answers my question, and gives me the url for where the turtlebot stuff is in Github. I just downloaded the ROS programming book, and am starting to read about editing the OpenCR.