OpenCR1.0 Battery Connector

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  1. What model of servo are you using?
    Turtlebot3 Dynamixel 430

  2. Describe your control environment. This includes the controller or interface, and any power source.
    OpenCR1.0 with Lipo battery

  3. Specify the operating mode for applicable models, and any firmware settings you are using.

  4. Include pictures if possible.

  5. Include a full description of the issue.
    I need to connect my Lipo battery to the OpenCR1.0 purchased from Robotis. My battery supplies power with a 2P JST socket. I created a cable with a standard Dean’s T female connector but it doesn’t fit and I don’t want to force it. I can’t find a cable to purchase. How should I get battery power to my Turtlebot3??

The Deans connector on the OpenCR board is a tight fit when assembled in order to reduce the possibility of the connection coming loose during use. The contact bands that press into the female port to hold the socket together will become a little more compliant with use, so that may help reduce the insertion force as time goes on.

Force is always accompanied by cracked boards. No thanks. I’ll find another way.