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Hi everyone,

This is my first time working with Dynamixels and writing in this forum. I’m currently working on an OpenManipulator Stewart platform system and I’m working from a PC. I bought the starter pack and 6x XL430-250 thinking that’s all I would need to run the OpenCR demo described on eManual page, but it seems I may need an additional controller. Any suggestions? The OpenCR 1.0 board seems pretty expensive and scarse. Could I use the Arduino Dynamixel Shield instead to run the demo or some other board? Appreciate all and any feedback. Thanks.


PS. Is there a better way to run the Stewart platform than OpenCR or is that the recommended approach?

  1. As far as I know, the demo for OpenManipulator Friend is mainly designed for OpenCR controller only, therefore you might be required porting the code to your own controller or you should be able to make your own Kinemetic / Inverse Kinemetic solution on your board.

  2. MKR can be good option for use of DYNAMIXELs, but if you are not in hurry, one of options I suggest is to use OpenRB-150 which is the future releasing board by ROBOTIS (Not for sale now). See one the eye-catching posting “First look at OpenRB-150” posted by one of the greates user @roboteer in this community.

  3. Although I am not sure this gurantees OpenCR Demo pacakage integration to the OpenRB-150, but if you are looking for reasnoble price board for Arduino, this would give you the best solution to use of DYNAMIXEL.


Thanks Yogurt_Man

I’ll definitely be checking out the OpenRB-150 when it comes out if that’s the direction Robotis is heading in.

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