OpenManipulator-X roslaunch without ID:15 DYNAMIXEL Gripper

Hi, I am trying to run OpenManipulator-X without the gripper and ID:15 motor. When I run with the last motor disassembled

roslaunch open_manipulator_controller open_manipulator_controller.launch usb_port:=/dev/ttyACM0 baud_rate:=1000000

, I receive errors.

The goal is to do something similar to ‘Tool Manipulation’ designs like vaccum cleaner or pen holding (they remove the last ID::15 motor). However, these designs require Arduino IDE based OpenCR programming. Our application requires running the program on Ubuntu ARM which doesn’t support Arduino IDE, as I understand. Please correct me if I am wrong.

How can one go about modifying openmanipulator-x controller and other ROS pacakges, to make it run without the last (ID:15) changes? Can you please mention which files will need to be changed, and what changes will be required?

NOTE: I don’t get errors running the above roslaunch command when all motors are connected.