OpenRB-150(Arduino MKR) PCB Base for 3D-Printing

The expandability of the OpenRB-150 a.k.a Arduino MKR with its pin headers is useful, but those pin headers always put us under mental strain. So I have open-sourced something useful for you. It includes editable data as well as STL.





BTW, your solution should work well for the combo Arduino MKR ZERO + MKR DXL Shield also.

In the past, I had made “shoes” for the RB-150 out of a spare header and clipped all of its pins real close, and then covered them with insulating tape for good measure.


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Thank you for sharing the information.
Yes, I think it can be used for all Arduino MKR standard boards and shields.
I can’t try all the boards and shields, so I’d like to brush up on them together with everyone.