OpenRB-150 Arduino

DYNAMIXEL Quick Start Guide with Arduino

통신 완료 후 모터가 구동이 안됩니다. (5V , 12V 했을 때 안됨)
무엇을 더 확인을 해봐야 하나요?


I did not have any problem running “position_mode.ino” with an XL-330 connected to the OpenRB-150 (i.e., at 5 V).
The only thing I can think of is the baud rate for “dxl”. In “position_mode.ino”, the dxl.baudrate is set to 57600 (line 72), but your XL-330 may not be set @ 57600?

But I do have a problem using an XL-430 with an OpenRB-150 at 12 V, but for a different issue. I have figured out a work around shown in this post.

Hopefully that post is of help to you.