openRB 사용 관련 질문

open RB를 openCR 처럼 라즈베리 파이에 연결하여 사용 할 수 있나요?

On the TurtleBot3, the OpenCR communicates to an RPi via USB cable. You may not have that option with the OpenRB-150. But the OpenRB-150 has many UART Serial Ports available.

I have not exactly connected an OpenRB-150 to an RPi, but I did have a project where I connected an RPi02W to a MKR ZERO + MKR DXL Shield (which is equivalent to the OpenRB-150) - see picture below:

The RPi02W was controlling an RPi camera and communicated the resulting commands to the MKR ZERO via one UART Serial Port (using Remocon Packets). The MKR ZERO could also be remote controlled via a BT-210 (hooked up to a second UART Serial Port). The MKR ZERO controlled the DXLs directly.