Power supply for openmanipulator-P


I’m starting a project with OpenManipulator-P. Bought the whole robot arm with gripper. Just unpacked and noticed power supply is not included…

According to the manual, power supply is 24V and 15A or higher. Besides, there is connector information (shown below). Does it mean the power cable connecting the power supply (say PSU) with this OM-P should be 20AWG? I just want to make sure the setup is safe.

Thanks heaps~

Yes, your interpretation of the connector information reference chart is correct. ROBOTIS recommends the use of 20 gauge wire for the 2 pin power connector on the bottom of DYNAMIXEL P actuators.

It is important to note that power can be supplied to P series servos either through the 2 pin connector, or through the 4 Pin JST connector used for the data connection. For maximum performance, it is recommended to use the 2 pin connector on each servo to supply power individually, but for lighter use you can chain 2 to 3 servos together using the JST connectors for power without connecting the 2 pin inputs.