Powering the Dynamixel Shield + Arduino Uno

I have a Dynamixel Shield that will be mounted onto my Arduino Uno. To power the system, I was going to use the second option given in the documentation, which is:

“2. Disconnect VIN : Power supply using DYNAMIXEL shield’s power input connector. Can not use power from arduino.”

So, for my setup, the 2-pin shorting connector on the Shield will be removed and my power supply will be connected directly to the power input port on the Shield. I wanted to know, can I leave the Arduino connected to my computer via the USB port at the same time that the Shield is connected to the power supply? Or will there be some kind of voltage conflict?

The Arduino can be left connected to the USB port during use, but the USB connection can’t be used for serial monitoring or other purposes, as the mode switch on the DYNAMIXEL Shield must be set to DYNAMIXEL mode during use.