Problem associated with LABVIEW code for running the motor MX-28AR

Hi Robotis,

I am trying to run the motor (Model no: MX-28AR) with SB2DYNAMIXEL + Opencm 485 expansion board using LABVIEW. I have followed exactly the same procedure given in the website (DYNAMIXEL SDK). However, It shows the errors (Picture attached). Kindly help.

Hi @skumarsahu26

Which version of SDK did you install?
Did you download the SDK from the ROBOTIS emanual?

Hello Wilson,

Yes I downloaded the same.


Can you help me. I am waiting for your response

Still waiting for your reply


Kindly help. Its been 5days


Can you help me for solving this issue? It is crucial for the time being.

Hi @skumarsahu26

I’m sorry about the late reply.
Have you also tried the Youtube instruction below?