Problems TxRx packet

Hi, I have a MX-64AT protocol 2 dynamixel. It works if it is driven by any carrier.

Not with the OpenCr.
Firstly, I uploaded on the board the sketch “usb_to_dxl”. Later I uploaded the current_position.ino, but nothing happens. I can see in the Serial Monitor:
Succeeded to init : 115200
[TxRxResult] There is no status packet!
Failed to ping
[DynamixelDriver] Failed to get the Tool
Failed to change current based position mode

The problem doesn’t happen if I try to drive the dynamixel with OpenCm904. But when I try to get inside dynamixel wizard through R+Manaager, the device is not found. (I found this easy tutorial How To: DYNAMIXEL Firmware Recovery Using OpenCM9.04 - YouTube)

some tips for me, please?

Hi, I’m using a XW-540-T260 dynamixel and am getting the same error when trying to launch the dynamixel workbench controller.

Any ideas on this?