Pushbutton to turn off power via relay

I want to incorporate a pushbutton that when pressed, it will stop the power to the dynamixel motors (actually it will stop the power to the power board that controls the servos).

I am not in a position to use a micrοcontroller, only a relay and a pushbutton.

Right now, the power board is supplied by a power supply, connected to this connector:

But right next to it there are some other connectors, that could maybe be useful in my ideal setup.
If anyone has an idea how this setup can be utilized, i would really appreciate it if he could shed some light.

Thank you very much!

Sounds fun project,

The connectors information on your query, see the following image,

The Test Points is the route where you can pick a signal (of either TTL or RS485) through this for the test purpose. So this may not be ideal contact to the relay.

If I were you, I would use the right next terminal block ( Left: Ground, Right: VCC) to the barrel jack. And let the relay (You may use Common - Normally Open, In this case, bring the ground to the signal will activate the relay) And bring the signal from the push button to one of “In#” of the relay. Make sure the push button may need to be either Pull Down or Pull Up for eliminating Idle state.

Alternatively, a transistor (Controlling the Gate) might function the similar.

Hope my thought is helpful, and please share your project on this community.

Yes, i knew i had to use that connector, since it is the most easily accessible for the purpose. I will populate this thread with more info.

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I see. I wish you good luck.