PWM signal from (D2 orD3 pins) during code uploading


I have a question. I am using the OpenRB-150, and a PWM signal is triggered from the D2 or D3 pins during code uploading. Initially, it was okay, but after using it for some time, this issue started occurring.

Could you suggest any ideas to stop the PWM signal during code uploading?


What are you using D2 and D3 pins for? Can you just output 0 V to them in setup()? Or turn off power to the DXLs when code uploading?

I use pins D2 and D3 for PWM signals to operate a DC motor. I tried to set them to 0V in the setup(), but one still generates a signal during uploading.

I just tested with the new OpenRB-150 board. When I upload the code, the voltage on pin D2 changes from 0V to 3.2V. Pin D3 changes from 0V to 0.2V. I think 3.2V from D2 causes DC motor operation during the upload process.

Do you have any ideas on how to make the D2 pin’s voltage 0V during code uploading?

Unfortunately, I have no direct experience with this particular use case with the OpenRB-150 - interfacing with a regular DC motor. You are probably better off checking with the Arduino Forum directly. The OpenRB-150 is equivalent to a MKR ZERO for this kind of application.

Update: 6/6/2024

Maybe, you can try to manually put the OpenRB-150 in Boot Loader mode every time?


Thanks for suggestions!!