R+ManagerのFirmware Recoveryを試しましたが,直りません.


You can leave the robot as is, to let the CM-550 power the servos. Do you have a U2D2 that you can use to check your servos one by one?

I have already communicated with the Dynamixels using the U2D2 and another power supply and confirmed that they are fine.

When you checked the Servos with U2D2, they were all OK, and they were set to 1 Mbps, right?

Please go back to MANAGER and connect to CM-550 again and check with EEPROM Addr. 12 - hopefully it is set to 3 (i.e., 1 Mbps also)?


Also, what do Addr. 39 and 40 read at present?


Yes, Dynamixel Wizard showed that Dynamixels were set to 1 Mbps.

The results of the CM-550 check with R+Manager are as follows.

  • EEPROM 12: 3
  • RAM 39: 0
  • RAM 40: 0

Does this mean that the CM-550 does not recognize the Dynamixels at all?

Can I solve this problem myself?

I got a hunch that there is failure in the internal half-duplex circuit. Meaning that you need RMA if still under warranty.

Unfortunately, it is not under warranty.

Which is cheaper, repairing the CM-550 or buying a new one?

I will ask the ROBOTIS Japan branch about that.