R+SmartIII app no media in all examples

Anyone here is using ROBOTIS SMART III set?

With latest version of R+SmartIII, in “EDIT” of “01 Soccer” example, there is nothing in “Background”. Same in all media in all examples.

My current temporary solution is uninstalling the latest version, then reinstall the old version (, then all media are accessible. But after the system update the app to latest version, the problem will happen again!

Is there any other setting to show media in all examples in the latest version?

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Hi, @Robotclub

It is recommended we talk about the issue ticket raised at ROBOTIS here.

I reported the issue to S/W engineer. In the meantime, it would be great to stick on the working version.

Sorry for any inconveninece that may have troubled you.


Thanks tech_support for reporting the issue to S/W engineer.

Furthermore, this permission issue not only happened on R+SmartIII app but also R+Task2.0!

Hello, is there any feedback from the S/W engineer?
Any update plan to solve the permission problems of the R+SmartIII and R+m.Task2.0 app?

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Hi Robotclub,

I’ve just been notified that the update of R+Smart III is in our milestone at this or next quater.

Sincerely sorry for your inconvenenience.