R+ Task 3.0 Can't view long lines

Trying to write code on R+ Task 3.0, when the line is too long, I can’t scroll to the end of the line to view it!
Also is there a way to write code for the cm-530 other than R+ Task? It says python is not supported, are there plans for supporting python?

That happened to me a few times in the past too. I had to “chop” up a “long” RHS into several “smaller” RHS by using “intermediary” parameters:
parm_1 = …
parm_2 = …
parm_3 = …
long_parm = parm_1 * parm_2 + parm_3 // (for example).

For the CM-530, you can only do “Embedded C” on itself.

You can use Python on PC, RPi or Chromebook and send bi-directional Remocon packets to the CM-530 (which runs on TASK codes).