R task 3.0 new version Motion examples

Hi i already have robotis engineer kit 1 / but the new problem is when i upgrade the newest version of R+task 3 / all motion examples are working wrong / even in R+task program and syncronized robot working wrong / idid they changed the id of the dynamixel servos? / if i continue to use this programm my robot will be damaged

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You may have lost a decimal point for the motion data (i.e, 192.66 deg > 192666) and some out of motion angle appeared when implementing Motion Unit or any other related. Honestly, I am not sure what’s the root cause of it. This is only phenomenon in Turkey currently and I was told the ROBOTIS engineer team is figuring out this issue with a partner in Turkey.

In the meantime, you might want delete R+Task 3.0 and get it back to very first version to use. Request ROBOTIS Support Team (support@robotis.com)if you need any updated Task and Motion files, or you can download those files through e-Manual (Engineer Kit1, Engineer Kit2)