Raspberry Pi Scratch

EN) Is there any way to use(control) Raspberry Pi + Pi Camera + Dynamixel with Scratch Coding? If isn’t, what is the best way to code it? Can R+Task 3.0 work too?

KR) 스크래치로 다이나믹셀, 라즈베리 보드와 카메라를 작동시킬 수 있나요? 만약 아니라면, 가장 좋은 코딩 방법은 무엇일까요?, 혹시 R+태스크 3.0으로도 가능할까요?

While some of our CM series controllers support Scratch control, ROBOTIS does not have any premade examples of control of the RPi camera and DYNAMIXEL servos.

It should be possible to do so, but it’s likely you’ll have to implement a custom solution for this.


If by Scratch, you mean Block based IDE for Robotis hardware then the new RB Junior controllers use a web based R-Block IDE that may work on an RPi But I have not gotten the chance to test it out yet.

The RB-100 may be good for you. The TIG has an interesting XL TTL hub.

Thank you for your answer, I was worried if I had to entirely learn all the Raspberry Pi. I just bought the engineer Kit 2 and there is a Zero W board in it. I’m going to learn how to control DYnamixel with Raspberry Pi

In that case you can have a look at the free Kindle sample of my Engineer book


To see if that book can be helpful to you.

Just to use the included RPi0 2W you do not have to learn about the actual RPi OS. You can access its features using TASK or MicroPython