Read and write in Flash memory limits? instability when exceeded write?

Hi there,
can you tell me how many times I can write into the flash memory of the MX 28AT? My project requires writing the speed and velocity each time it powers up the system.
is there a better solution to avoid instability after reaching the W/R limit in the cortex arm controller?

The memory included in DYNAMIXEL actuators is capable of many tens of thousands of write cycles. Unless you are intentionally performing a very high volume of repeated writes, it will take quite some time for the EEPROM to start to degrade. The mechanical components are much more likely to fail before that point.

I use 3 MX servos to rotate valves and a carousel selector using protocol 1.0. the speed and acceleration are refreshed each time the PCB servo powers up. but i guess i am ok those are located in the ram.
I know Pic microcontroller does go dead writing to flash over 100000 times. I found this in the hard way.
Thanks Jonathon