Read-Write in serial communication

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    U2D2 and MATLAB. SMPG power source

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    firmware v43 , position control mode

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    I am trying to run 3 motors in serial communication using MATLAB. I am giving positions with different amplitude using sine function (A * sin(2pif*t) ) . My issue is when am trying to write goal position and read present position of motor at the same time, time to reach goal position is increased drastically. Why is this happening so and how can I troubleshoot this issue?
    Baud rate was set to 57600.

I’ve experienced a similar issue. The read/write process takes several milliseconds when called from Matlab with the SDK. Use the functions tic and toc with the interest functions in between to determine how long is that i.e.:

write4ByteTxRx(port_num, PROTOCOL_VERSION, ID, ADDR_GOAL_POSITION, goal_position)

When you read and write in the same loop you spend ~twice time in communication what causes the overall code to work ~half the original speed. Now with respect to the troubleshoot you will have to include your sample time in your calculus and/or to speed up the communication using faster baud rates.

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