[Release] MX-Series Protocol 1.0 Firmware update

Greetings to all Dynamixel users!

Here I brought a good news to you.
The new firmware for MX-series will allow you to enjoy some of new features and more stable operation.

  • New Features

    • Reboot Instruction (0x08) : Now you can reboot Dynamixel without switching the power(eManual : Reboot)
    • Realtime Tick (Address 50) : Counts realtime in millisecond (identical to that of X series)
  • Changes

    • EEPROM performance improved : Writing on EEPROM takes much shorter than before and EEPROM managing efficiency was improved.
    • Broadcast ID (0xFE) is no longer valid for Factory Reset instruction.
    • (MX-12W only)The default Temperature Limit is changed to 70°C

Please update Dynamixel Wizard to the latest version (version in order to update the latest MX-series firmware.
Download RoboPlus for Windows : http://en.robotis.com/service/download.php?no=14
Thank you.