replacement open cm9.04

Good morning,
by which controller to change open cm9.04 which uses roboplus tsk and motion? open cm9.04 is no longer sold in France.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Right now for the international market, only the CM-530 and the CM-550 can do Task and Motion. The 530 works only with the older servos such as AX/MX (DXL protocol 1). The 550 works only with the newer X series of servos such as XL-330/430 (DXL protocol 2).

The 904 was a special one which can do Task/Motion or Arduino. At present you can do Arduino with OpenRB-150 and Micro Python with the CM-550.

If you are now starting on Robotis systems, the future-proof way is to choose the CM-550.

thanks for your response. I forgot to mention the Darwin Mini from which I bought the XL320.I’m black and I find tasks and concepts quite easy to get started. I don’t know programming at all.

Unfortunately, for your situation, you will have to “retire” your current Darwin Mini if you cannot find another OpenCM-904 to replace your existing one. Or you will have to buy a brand-new Darwin Mini kit, just to get another OpenCM-904! :frowning_face: